Valerija DABETIĆ

Teaching Assistant

Valerija DABETIĆ (f),  LLM (Master in European Integration, Faculty of Law, Belgrade), LLM (Master in Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade) is a Teaching Assistant on two courses – Sociology of Law and Legal Ethics at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law. Currently, she is doing her PhD at the Faculty of Law in the field of Theory of State and Law, Sociology of Law and Philosophy of Law. Her prior research is devoted to the legal profession, especially to the judiciary, the social stratification, position, pressures on the judges and women in the legal professions. In her classes, Valerija Dabetić is trying to integrate the gender perspective in the legal education of students. In addition to her teaching duties, she is supervising the team of students who participate in the Moot Court competition “Condemn discrimination” every year. Together with professor Danilo Vuković, she established the Center for Socio-Legal Research where students have a chance to investigate gender issues, conduct empirical research with representatives of the legal profession and find out more about the women in the legal profession. She has written papers, reports and attended conferences within her research area. Before she became a member of academia, Valerija Dabetić was volunteering in the humanitarian sector with a focus on vulnerable groups and children.

Some of her main publications are:  “Normative Endangerment of Institutional Independence of Judiciary in contemporary Serbia“, Human Rights Protection – From Unlawfulness to Legality, Novi Sad 2018; “Challenges of the Legal Profession in Neoliberalism – The case of Serbia”, in: Harmonising Serbian Business Law with the EU Law, Belgrade, 2018; “Galagan’s Understanding of Hart’s Theory of Social Rules”, Identity Transformation of Serbia, Belgrade 2017; “The Attitude of the State towards the Professional Association of Judges – the Case of the Judges’ Association of Serbia”, Pravo i privreda, 2016; „How to Harmonize Serbian Environmental Legislation with the European Acquis? – the GMO Issue”, Studii Cercetari Juridice Europene, Timisoara 2016.