Nikola ILIĆ

Assistant Professor

Nikola ILIĆ (m) is an Assistant Professor at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law, where he teaches Principles of Economics, Law and Economics, and Economics of the EU Integration. During his academic career, he perfected his knowledge in law and economics, among other institutions, at the Utrecht University School of Law (2018), University of Chicago Law School – Sandor-Coase Institute for Law and Economics (2019), and George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School – Law and Economics Center (2022). He acts as secretary of the Serbian Law and Economics Association (SLEA), member of the American Law and Economics Association (ALEA), member of the European Association of Law and Economics (EALE), and secretary of the Annals of the Faculty of Law in Belgrade – Belgrade Law Review. Before academia, he gained practical experience in an international law firm in Belgrade and passed the Bar exam in Serbia.

Some of his publications are: Ilić Nikola. 2023. Gender Pay Gap in the Western Balkans: Why Do Women Earn Less Than Men? Published in Gender Competent Public Law and Policies (eds. M. Davinić, S. Kostić). Gender Perspectives in Law Book Series, Springer; Karampatzos Antonios, Nikola Ilić. 2023. Law and Economics of the Withdrawal Right in EU Consumer Law. Review of Law and Economics, Vol.19, Iss. 3; Begović Bors, Nikola Ilić. 2022. Dawn Raids and (Dis)Proportionality between the Powers and Obligations of the Commission for Protection of Competition. Focus on Competition, III 05, 32-46; Ilić Nikola. 2017. Theoretical Concept of Central Bank Independence and Legal Status of the National Bank of Serbia. Bankarstvo – Journal of Association of Serbian Banks, 2/2017, 32-49.