ME5 – Conference LAWGEM – Gendering Law: Challenges and Perspectives Held

The conference has been the final dissemination event within the duration of the LAWGEM project. The topics of consideration have been of an utmost importance for the issue of gender equality and will insofar be contributive for  the whole LAWGEM project content and for its further theoretical and practical advancing and accomplishments. The LAWGEM project participants will chair and offer the final remarks for each session, and thusly will frame the content and the discussions in all conference sessions.

final Agenda LAWGEM ME5 Lumsa U October 2022_Logo_DEF


07 09 2022, Dragica Vujadinovic,PPP, ME5 LAWGEM, Palermo, TEXTBOOK presentation

Antonio Martuscelli, PPP, lawgem conf_2

Enriko Al Mureden, PPP, Palermo 7. 10. 2022.

Francesca Costanza, PPP, ME5, LAWGEM

Susanne Strand, PPP, Palermo ME5, Violence towards women during the pandemic