Assistent Professor
011 3027-610

Nenad TEŠIĆ (m), Assistant Professor of Civil (Private) Law at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law, teaching the following courses – Introduction to Private law and Property Law, Sports Law (undergraduate studies), Secured Transactions, Real Estate Public Registry Law (master`s degree level), Secured Transactions (doctoral studies).

Some of his publications are the following: Human life in statu nascendi – Question of ownership or limited legal subjectivity -, Collection of Papers “New Family Legislation”, Vrnjačka Banja, 329-347 (Srb); On marital property of spouses“, Pravni život 10/2006, 259-277 (Srb); Love at the First Signature – On Morality of Marital Agreements, Annals FLB – Belgrade Law Review 2/2009, Year LVII, 229-246 (Srb.) Causa and Bona Fides – A Legal and Etymological Study, Private Law Reform in South East Europe, Liber Amicorum Christa Jessel-Holst, M. Vasiljević, R. Kulms, T. Josipović, M. Stanivuković (eds.), Belgrade 2010, 413-436; „Security Rights in Movables and Claims (Republic of Serbia)“, Civil Law Forum for South-East Europe, Collection of studies and analyses, First Regional Conference, Cavtat 2010, Volume II,  88-113; Comparative Analysis of the Secured Party’s Options after the Debtor’s Default (South-East Europe),“ Collection of studies and analyses, First Regional Conference, Cavtat 2010, Volume II,  290-297; One Who Gives a Penny to Enter the Marriage, Pays a Fortune to Exit, Annals FLB – Belgrade Law Review, 1/2012,  293-318 (Srb.); „On Creditor’s Supplemental Rights”, Annals FLB – Belgrade Law Review, Year LXIII, 2015, No. 3, 141 – 169.

Some of his fellowships include: the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law in Hamburg,  Doctoral grants of the Max Planck Society July – August 2007, July –August 2010; Brooklyn Law School, Visiting Scholar, JFDP – Fellow 2004-2005

UNCITRAL, Member of the Serbian and Montenegrin delegation, Working group I Procurement, 7 th session, New York 4-8 April 2005

Membership in scientific and professional organizations: President of HARMONIUS ( and editor of HARMONIUS – Journal for Legal and Social Studies in South-East Europe; member of the International Editorial Board of the „Pravni  letopis“, Scientific journal of the Institute for Comparative Law at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana (“Inštituta za primerjalno pravo pri Pravni fakulteti v Ljubljani”); Member of the International Editorial Board  of the„Ohrid School of Law“, JURIDICA – Journal of Legal and Social Studies.