Full Professor
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Miodrag JOVANOVIĆ (m) is a full professor, teaching Introduction into Jurisprudence. He has also been teaching Minority Rights (with Prof. Dr Ivana Krstić) at undergraduate studies. At master studies he has been teaching the course General Theory of State and Law and Theories of Subjective Rights, as well as the Introduction into Political System of the European Union (with Prof. Dr Dragica Vujadinović) at the Master in European Integration programme. He published and edited the following books in English: Constitutionalizing Secession in Federalized States: A Procedural Approach, Eleven, Utrecht, 2007; Transition and Federalism – East European Record, in: Miodrag Jovanović and Slobodan Samardzic (eds.), Federalism and Decentralisation in Eastern Europe: Between Transition and Secession, PIFF Etudes et Colloques no. 48, Institut du Fédéralisme, Fribourg/LIT Verlag, Zurich and Vienna, 2007; Collective Rights – A Legal Theory, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2012; Democracy and Human Rights in  the European Union, Maribor and Belgrade, 2009 (co-author with D. Vujadinovic, R. Etinski); Constitutional Review and Democracy, Eleven, Utrecht, 2015 (editor); Sovereignty and Diversity, Eleven, Utrecht, 2008 (coeditor  with K. Henrard); Human Rights Today – 60 Years of the Universal Declaration, Eleven, Utrecht, 2010 (coeditor  with I. Krstic); Jurisprudence and Political Philosophy in the 21st Century: Reassessing Legacies, Peter Lang, Frankfurt, 2012 (coeditor  with B. Spaic); Crisis and Quality of Democracy in South East European States, Eleven, Utrecht, 2012 (co-editor  with Dj. Pavicevic); Identity, Political and Human Rights Culture as Prerequisites of Constitutional Democracy, Eleven, Utrecht, 2013 (co-editor  with D. Vujadinovic); Courts, Interpretation, the Rule of Law, Eleven, Utrecht, 2014 (coeditor  with Kenneth Einar Himma).