Assistant Professor
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Jelena LEPETIĆ (f) is an Assistant Professor of Company Law and Vice-Dean for International Cooperation of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law. She was visiting professor at the University of Eastern Sarajevo Faculty of Law (department in Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina) for courses in Company Law and Commercial Law. She is a member of the Supervisory board of the Business Lawyers Association of the Republic of Serbia, member of the Editorial board of the scientific journal “Law and Economy” from 2017, and member of the Editorial board of the journal “Student Economic Law Review” from 2011.

Some of her publications are: “Serbia: The Protection of Minority Investors and the Compensation of Their Losses”, in: Global Securities Litigation and Enforcement (eds. P.-H. Conac, M.Gelter), Cambridge, 2019 (coauthors: M. Vasiljević, J. Vasiljević); “Unity of Membership’ and Shareholders’ Voting Agreements”, Law and Economy, 4-6/2019; “Multiple Votes as a Reward to Loyal Shareholders: A Reform Proposal”, Annals of the Faculty of Law in Belgrade – Belgrade Law Review, 1/2019; “One Share – One Vote: Time for Change”, Collected Papers of the Faculty of Law in Novi Sad, 3/2018; “Shareholder Activism”, Law and Economy, 10-12/2018; “Equal Treatment of Shareholders – a Rule or a General Principle of Law”, Legal Life, 11/2018; “CJEU Judgments on Golden Shares: Implications for Serbia as an EU Candidate Country”, Legal Implication of Trade Liberalization under SAAs and CEFTA (ed. D. Popović), Belgrade, 2018; “Golden Shares in EU Law:  Restrictions on the Free Movement of Capital and/or Right of Establishment – Why Does it Matter? ˮ, Law and Transition: Collection of Papers (eds. B. Milisavljević, T. Jevremović Petrović, M. Živković), Belgrade, 2017; Conflict of Interest in Company Law – Duty of Loyalty, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law, Belgrade, 2015; “Shareholder’s Personal Action”, Annals of the Faculty of Law in Belgrade – Belgrade Law Review, 1/2014; “Public Disclosure of Inside Information”, Annals of the Faculty of Law in Belgrade – Belgrade Law Review, 3/2012.