Assistant Professor
011 3027-631

Bojan SPAIĆ (m) is an Assistant Professor of Jurisprudence at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law and Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow at the Institute for Public Law, Constitutional Law and Legal Philosophy of the University of Heidelberg. Spaić is the editor of multiple books in English and in Serbian, including: Jurisprudence and Political Philosophy in the 21st Century: Reassessing Legacies (with Miodrag Jovanović, published by Peter Lang, 2012), Fundamental Rights: Justification and Interpretation (with Kenneth Einar Himma, published by Eleven international Publishing, 2016), Unpacking Normativity: Conceptual, Normative and Descriptive Issues (with Kenneth Einar Himma and Miodrag Jovanović, Hart Publishing, 2018), Savremeni problemi pravne i političke filozofije (with Damir Banović, published by Šahinpašić, 2016). He published two books in Serbian and multiple papers in Serbian and English regarding legal interpretation, ontological and methodological hermeneutics, and pragmatism.