Associate Professor
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Danilo VUKOVIĆ holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law. He is an Associate Professor in Sociology at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law and Head of the Center for Socio-Legal Studies at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law . He works in the fields of socio-legal studies and social policy. Using quantitative and qualitative methods, Danilo’s scope of research has so far involved analysing processes of law and social policy making in the broad field of social policy, access to justice, social exclusion and poverty, legal profession etc. He is a member of the editorial board of the MONS internet platform (www.mons.rs), launched by a think-tank of academics devoted to the analysis of social issues and social policy in Serbia and beyond. On behalf of the University of Belgrade, Danilo Vuković is coordinating an Erasmus + project aimed at developing courses in public policy analysis. He held an LSE fellowship to conduct research in Cambodia 2014-2016. Before joining the University of Belgrade, he worked in private research and in the international development sector, and he remains interested in development issues. Some of his main publications are: Reshaping Neoliberalism: Social Policy in Serbia. Novi Sad, 2017; “The Hollowing Out of Institutions: Law and Policymaking in Contemporary Serbia” In: B. Fekete, F. Gardos-Orosz (eds.) Central and Eastern European Socio-Political and Legal Transition Revisited, Fankfurt am Main, 2017; “Shaping Social Policies in the Western Balkans: Legal and Institutional Changes in the Context of Globalisation and Post-Socialist Transformation“ in Public Policy Making in the Western Balkans: Case Studies of Selected Economic and Social Policy Reforms (M. Thomas, V. Bojičić-Dželilović /eds./), 2015 (coauthor); “Social Interests, Policy Networks and Legislative Outcomes: The Role of Policy Networks in Shaping Welfare and Employment Policies in Serbia”, East European Politics and Societies, February 2014, 28 (1) (coauthor); „The Quest for Government Accountability and Rule of Law: Conflicting Strategies of State and Civil Society in Cambodia and Serbia“, Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations 2018, 29(3); „Capturing Resources: The Role of Professional Communities and Middle Classes In Fostering Social Reforms Within Serbia“, Sociologija, Vol. LVIII, No.2, 2016; “Legal Culture in Contemporary Serbia: Structural Analysis of Attitudes Towards the Rule of Law”,  Annals of the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, 2013, Vol. 63, No.3.