Associate Professor
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Bojana ČUČKOVIĆ (f) is an Associate Professor of Public International Law and Human Rights Law at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law. She has a PhD in Public International Law obtained at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law in 2012, and she holds an LLM degree in International Law and International Organizations acquired at Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne University (France) in 2006. She teaches a number of courses at various levels of studies (undergraduate, master and doctoral studies): Public International Law, Human Rights Law, EU Environmental Law and Policy, EU Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy, International Environmental Law and Legal Clinic on Trafficking in Human Beings. Bojana Čučković took part in a number of international projects, both in the capacity of the head of the research team and as a research team member. She has been engaged as an expert and consultant by a number of international governmental organizations (IOM, Council of Europe, OSCE). Some of her research dealing with different issues of public international law and, in particular, international human rights law, focused on gender perspectives as well. This includes studies related to the protection of women asylum seekers and certain vulnerable categories of female asylum seekers, such as victims of gender-based violence. In addition, her research was dedicated to gender-sensitive interpretation of obligations to protect individuals against trafficking in human beings, especially the relevance of international standards within national legal order.

Some of her relevant publications are: Handbook on International and European Standards relating to Asylum and Migration and their Application and Relevance in the Republic of Serbia, (B.Braithwaite (ed.), co-author with N. Mole, Prof. Dr. I. Krstić, М. Papadouli, А. Tidona, О. Waddell), Belgrade, 2018; „Dublin IV Regulation, the Solidarity Principle and Protection of Human Rights – Step(s) Forward or Backward?“, (co-author with M. Lukić), in EU Law in Context – Adjustment to Membership and Challenges of the Enlargement, EU and Comparative Law Issues and Challenges Series, Duić, D., Petrašević, T., (eds), Osijek, 2018; “Refugees and Asylum Seekers’ Right to Respect for Family Life in International Law – From State Sovereignty Principle Towards the Principle of Family Unity?”, Pravni život, No. 12/2018; Qualitative Study on the Impact of ECtHR Judgments on the Jurisprudence of Courts in the Republic of Serbia, (co-author with Lj. Milutinović and Prof. Dr. I. Krstić), Belgrade, 2016; “Case-Law of the European Court of Human Rights Relating to Trafficking in Human Beings”, (co-author with Prof. Dr. Bojan Milisavljević), Archibald Reiss Days – Thematic Conference Proceedings of International Significance, Vol. II, Belgrade, 2015; Trafficking in Human Beings – International and National Legal Standards – Texts and Cases (co-author with Prof. Dr. I. Krstić), 2012.