Assistant Professor
011 3027-712

Nina KRŠLJANIN (f) is Assistant professor at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law, Department of Legal History. She holds a PhD in medieval Serbian law (‘Serbian medieval charters as the source of Dušan’s Code’). Her other research areas include parliamentary history, civil law, procedural law and customary law. She is a member of the International Committee for the History of Representative and Parliamentary Institutions (ICHRPI) and the Serbian Association for Legal and Social Philosophy (IVRSerbia). She is currently the vice-president of the Club for Roman Law and Classics “Forvm Romanvm” at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law, and the editor of the Faculty’s website. Since 2019 she has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Recent History of Serbia.

Some of her relevant publications are: “Inheriting land prior to the first civil codification: Woman as heir in the Modern Age Serbia”, Anali Pravnog fakulteta u Beogradu, 2/2009; “Exheredation and the question of Tsar Dushan’s Codification purpose”, Anali Pravnog fakulteta u Beogradu, 2/2010; “On the Scientific Elaboration of the History of Slavic Law’ – Now and Then”, Belgrade Law Review, 3/2011; “The position of prison inmates in medieval Serbia: The role of secular and ecclesiastical authorities in ensuring the humane treatment of prisoners”, Вестник Самарского юридического института, 3(11)/2013; “’Gradozidanije’ – duty of building and repairing fortifications in medieval Serbia”, Kazan University Law Review 1-1/2016; “Interrupted evolution: the Serbian medieval assembly (Sabor)”, Parliaments, Estates and Representation, vol. 37, 1/2017; “The land reform of the 1830s in Serbia: the impact of the shattering of the Ottoman property system”, Вестник СПбГУ. Право, 1/2017; “The Title of Samoderzhets (Autocrat) in Serbia and Russia: Two Ways of Byzantine Heritage Development” Вестник ВолГУ. 5/2017; “The Great National Assembly of Serbia: A sovereign representative body or a political myth?” in Elsabeth Ripoll Gil, Sebastià Serra Busquets (eds.), El parlamentarisme en perspectiva històrica. Parlaments multinivell, 2 vol., Palma 2019; „The Boyars, the Poet and the Composer. The Portrayal of the Boyar Duma in Pushkin’s and Mussorgsky’s ‘Boris Godunov’“, in Virginia Amorosi, Valerio Massimo Minale (eds.), History of Law and Other Humanities, Madrid 2019 (coauthored with F. Milinković).