Associate Professor
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Marko DAVINIĆ (m), works as an Associate Professor at the Department of Public Law at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law. His main areas of research are Administrative Law, Public Administration and Asylum Law. He was a Chevening scholar during his PhD research at Oxford University (2006/07), and a JFDP scholar at the George Washington University (2004/05). He has participated as an expert in various domestic and international projects, and legal drafting groups. He has published numerous books and articles as an author and co-author in the area of national and comparative administrative law, independent control bodies and asylum law (e.g. Independent Control Bodies of the Republic of Serbia, Dosije, Belgrade, 2018; “The Institution of Local Ombudsman in the Republic of Serbia – Success Story or Missed Opportunity?“ (co-author I. Krstić), Lex localis 3/2018, 551 – 568; The European Ombudsman and Maladministration, Protector of Citizens, Belgrade, 2013; “The European Ombudsman – The Champion of Transparency within Brussels Bureaucracy”, Annals of the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, Belgrade Law Review 3/2013, 119 – 134; “Complexity of Ombudsman Institution Expansion Process”, Law Journal of the Faculty of Law University of Niš 2011, 101 – 111; “The Importance of the Ombudsman in the Legal System”, Legal Life 10/ 2007, 717 – 727).