Associate Professor
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Ljubinka KOVAČEVIĆ (f) is an Associate Professor at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law, where she teaches several courses at the undergraduate, master and doctoral level (Labour Law; International Labour Law; Labour and Social Law in the EU – Human Rights Aspects; Legal Nature of Economic and Social Rights; Sources of Labour Law). Some of the most important projects in which she has participated include the international IMPULSE programme research project entitled “Restructuring of Companies and the EU Law“, for which she was a project leader for Serbia, as well as the membership in the expert teams of the Serbian Ministry of Labour for the reform of legislation on social entrepreneurship. Also, she was a member of the research team working on a pioneering project dedicated to the development of an Action plan for achieving gender equality at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law. She was a coach in the programme “Strengthening local administration аntidiscrimination capacities and institutional capacities of the Commissionaire for the Protection of Equality”, and a coach for labour inspectors in the “Implementation of antidiscrimination legislation” training organized by OSCE, Commissionaire for the Protection of Equality and Serbian Ministry of Labour. She is a member of the editorial board of the scientific law journal Pravo i privreda, and a correspondent for the “Actualités juridiques internationales” network of the Revue de droit comparé du travail et de la sécurité sociale (Bordeaux). She is the author of three monographs and many papers on Serbian, European and comparative labour law. In many of them she examined human rights, including the right to equality and non-discrimination, as a basis for reevaluating the labour and social security legislation. Therefore, one of the focal issues of her research is how to create the conditions necessary to effectively implement gender equality principles in the workplace. Some of her relevant publications are: Social Policy: Harmonization of National Legislation with the EU Law, Belgrade, 2004 (co-author M. Dinkic); Legal Subordination in the Employment Relationship and Its Limitations, Belgrade, 2013; Lj., Valid Grounds for Dismissal, Belgrade, 2016; Achieving gender equality at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law – draft action plan”, in: D. Vujadinovic/Z. Antonijevic (eds), Gender Equality in Higher Education – Concepts, Practice and Challenges, Akademska knjiga, Novi Sad, 2019 (co-authors D. Vujadinovic and T. Marinkovic); “Amicable resolution of disputes concerning family responsabilities discrimination”, Pravo i privreda, vol. LVI, No. 7-9/2018 (co-author U. Novakovic); “Equality of Men and Women as an Essential Element of Decent Employment”, Radno i socijalno pravo, No. 1/2018; “Equality and Ban of Discrimination in Labour Law” in: D. Vukovic, M. Arandarenko (eds), Labour Market and Employment Policy“,Belgrade, 2008; “The notion of workplace moral harassment in Serbian legislation and case law”, in: Dj. Ignjatovic (ed.), Penal Reaction in Serbia, Belgrade, 2017.