Marco Evola is assistant Professor teaching European Union Law. He is also Professor of European Union Law in “School for legal activities G. Scaduto” of the University of Palermo and in “School for legal actvities” of LUMSA University.

He published two books and several articles. His research focuses on migration and the protection of migrant workers’ fundamental rights ( I lavoratori di Stati terzi nel diritto dell’Unione europea [Third-country national workers in the EU law], Torino, G. Giappichelli Editore, 2018. He paid great attention to the application of the principle of non discrimination in the shaping of the legal status of migrants in the EU legal system and in the international convention on human rights (“The promised land of denizenship? The Directives on researchers and highly-qualified third-country national workers and the development of EU policies on regular migration”, in Rivista italiana di diritto pubblico comunitario, 2014, p. 1297; “La riunificazione familiare dello straniero nelle convenzioni internazionali sui diritti umani” [Family Reunification of Foreigners in International Conventions of Human Rights], in Diritti umani e diritto internazionale, 2010, p. 279). His latest research is devoted to discrimination on the ground of religion.

He is a member of the editorial staff of the Review Diritti Umani e Diritto Internazionale [Human Rights and International Law]. He is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Scientific Institution “Osservatorio Italia, Germania, Europa” and one of the coordinators of its permanent working group. He is also a member of the Scientific Institution “Centro Siciliano Giustizia”.

Erasmus Project Coordinator in the Department of Law LUMSA Palermo since November 2019.

Gabriele Carapezza Figlia is Full Professor and Head of Department of Law of Palermo, University LUMSA, teaching Civil Law and Comparative legal System. He is author and editor of several books his articles and essays have been published in various italian and foreign reviews and miscellaneous volumes. His book “Divieto di discriminazione e autonomia contrattuale” awarded the 2014 Prize for Scientific Excellence estabilished by Italian Society of Civil Law Scholars (S.I.S.Di.C.). He is member of the Scientific Board of “Rassegna di diritto civile” (ESI); “Revista boliviana de derecho”; “Actualidad Jurídica Iberoamericana”; “Il diritto di famiglia e delle persone” (Giuffrè); “La cultura del diritto civile. Studi della Società Italiana Studiosi del Diritto Civile” (ESI); “Temi e problemi di diritto dell’ambiente” (ESI); “Le Corti salernitane. Trimestrale di giurisprudenza, dottrina e legislazione” (ESI); “Diritto delle successioni e della famiglia” (ESI); “Nuovo diritto civile” (DIKE). He was member of numerous Research Projects financed by the Italian Ministry for Research and the Spanish Ministry for Research and scientific responsible of Research Projects financed by the University LUMSA and the University of Salerno. He is member of the Scientific Board and Vice-Coordinator of PhD on “Scienze dell’Economia Civile. Governance Istituzioni Storia” (LUMSA).He has participated as a speaker at numerous conferences, scientific seminars and workshops in Italy and abroad about the prohibition of Discrimination.

Giampaolo Frezza (, Full Professor teaching Civil law and Family Law at Department of Law Lumsa Palermo, Vice Rector Lumsa, Director of the Department of Law – Lumsa Palermo from 2011 to 2018. Editor in chief and member of the evaluation commetee of: Il diritto di famiglia e delle persone – Review of Law – Giuffrè publisher Milano, Collana di studi giuridici della Lumsa – Book series in Law – Giappichelli publisher Torino, Il diritto delle successioni e della famiglia – Review of Law – Esi publisher Napoli. He has published several books and articles on Family Law and property like: I “modelli” familiari” (2018); Crisi della famiglia, assegnazione della casa familiare e controllo del giudice (2017); Casa familiare e trascrizione (2015); Addebito della separazione e diritto agli alimenti (2012); I luoghi della famiglia (2011); Dalla residenza della famiglia alla casa familiare (2007); Trenta anni dalla riforma del diritto di famiglia (2005); Family Law and Successions (2002); Ipotesi di disciplina comune nella separazione e nel divorzio (2002).

Pietro Lo Iacono is Full Professor, teaching Canon Law, Law and Religion, Canon Procedural Law, Marriage and Family in the Monotheist Confessional Legal Systems.

He has published 4 books and more than 48 articles. He has published some articles and essays on human rights, like: The safeguard of religious freedom of war’s prisoners; Political task, right to criticize and rights’ safeguard in canon law; By the way of political task of a priest; Additional observations about political task, right to criticize and rights’ safeguard in canon law.

He has given two lectures about women’s rights: Womens’ role in the Catholic Church; The Catholic Church and the woman: humiliation of dignity, or enhancement of identity?

Since January 2009 until to September 2015 he was Coordinator of the PhD program in “Fundamental rights and freedoms in the contemporary legal systems” at the Department of Law of LUMSA (home of Palermo). Since October 18th 2012 until to 30th September 2018 he was President of the Degree’s Course in Law LMG/01 at the Department of Law in Palermo of the Free University Maria SS. Assunta.

Since 1989 he has been a member of the Editorial Office of the Journal “The law of family and of people”; since January 1th 2017 his role has been improved to Co-Director of the same Journal.

Giuseppe Puma is Assistant Professor of International Law at the Department of Law of the LUMSA University (Palermo). After his graduation in Political and Diplomatic Science at the LUISS “Guido Carli” (Rome), he obtained a II Level Master Course in “International Adjudication” at the University of Tor Vergata (Rome) in cooperation with S.I.O.I. (Rome) and a PhD. in International Law at the University “La Sapienza” (Rome). He has been Visiting Scholar at the Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht (Heidelberg). He has also been Adjunct Professor of International Law and Human Rights Law at the University of Palermo. He is currently Assistant Editor of QIL – Questions of International Law. He is author of a book on “Complicity in internationally wrongful acts” and of a number of articles in the field of public international law and, above all, human rights law. He is the author of an essay on the Registration of Same-sex Marriage Celebrated Abroad into the Italian legal system in the light of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Marco Cedro is researcher of Tax Law at LUMSA University, Department of Law of Palermo, teaching Tax Law, Procedural Tax Law and International and European Tax Law. He is member of Executive committee of LUMSA’s Master of Tax Law held in Rome and director of LUMSA and Financial Police’s Master of International Tax Law held in Rome too.

He is a graduate of University of Palermo, Law Faculty (Law degree with mark: 110/110 cum laude, 2004) and he obtained a doctorate degree in Tax Law from Universities of Catania, Palermo and Verona (2008). He also taught at Teaching at High School of Ministry of Economy from 2007 to 2011 and he was given a for research in Tax Law at University of Palermo from 2011 to 2015.

He wrote many articles, papers and essays, including two books (La fiscalità di vantaggio nella prospettiva del Diritto dell’Unione Europea, 2015; Le indagini fiscali sulle operazioni bancarie e assicurative, 2011). In the last two years, he focused his studies on EU environmental taxation and also on Tax as instrument to improve equity for weak categories and to avoid gender gap according to Italian constitution and Eu Charter of fundamental rights.

Sergio Paternostro ( is Associate Professor, teaching Business Administration, Accounting and Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Accounting. One of his main research interest is related to Corporate Social Responsibility with specific attention to social disclosure. Corporate Social Responsibility is a broad field related to different and heterogeneous topics included human rights or gender and diversity management in organizations. He is the secretary of the Eben Italian Chapter: Eben is the European Business Ethics Network that includes European scholars in the business ethics field. He was the organizing secretary of the Eben Research Conference organized in 2016 in Palermo. He published, among others things: 7 articles in international journals, 2 chapters in international handbooks, 7 articles in Italian journal, 2 books. He presented papers in 13 international and 10 national conferences. He has worked as a reviewer for 10 international journals.

Antonio Martuscelli is Assistant Professor in Economics at the Department of Law and Economics of the LUMSA University in Palermo. His main research interests are in the field of international and development economics. He worked in the analysis of the welfare impact of trade policy using micro-simulation methods. He focused on the poverty and inequality impact of globalization including the impact on gender wage inequality. He analysed various issues related to trade liberalisation and developing countries and the relation between trade, commodity prices and agricultural development in Sub-Saharan Africa. He has served as consultant for institutions like the World Bank, the European Commission, the United Nations FAO and DFID among others. Recent publications include: Martuscelli A., (2019) The Economics of China’s Engagement with Africa: what is the Empirical Evidence? in Development Policy Review; Gasiorek, M. and Martuscelli, A. (2018) “Regional Integration and poverty: a review of the transmission channels and the evidence” in Journal of Economic Surveys; Martuscelli, A. and Varela G. (2018) “Survival is for the fittest: Export survival patterns in Georgia” in Economic Systems; Martuscelli, A. (2017) “Analysing the Impact of Price Shocks in Rural Economies: Do Household Responses Matter?”, The Journal of Development Studies, Vol. 53 , Iss. 9; Winters L.A. and Martuscelli A. (2014) “Trade liberalization and poverty: what have we learned in a decade?” Annual Review of Resource Economics, 6:493–512.

Fabio Macioce is Full professor of Philosophy of Law and Bioethics, Lumsa University, Rome. Member of Teaching Staff of the PhD School “Science of the Civilian Economy. Institutions, History and Law”, Lumsa University, Palermo (from 2010). General Secretary of Italian Catholic Lawyer Association. Member of CERMEG, Research Centre of Legal Methodology (from 2008).     Member of Jacques Maritain Institute, Portogruaro (VE).  Research Interests: Immigration and social integration; Multiculturalism; Group rights and individual rights. Bioethics.Law and religion. Discursive ethics and law. Research Projects:

(2017-2019), H2020-SwafS-2016-17, “i-Consent. Improving the guidelines for Informed Consent, including vulnerable populations, under a gender perspective” – Participant.

(2019), Villa Vigoni German-Italian Centre for European Excellence: “Small Towns and Villages as Resources for Integration of Migrants and Social Cohesion”, Principal Investigator (together with prof. Henning Hillmann).

(2017), Council of Europe, European Program “Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals: HELP and HELP Training Methodology” – Participant.

(2015-16) Balancing constitutional principles and minorities’ traditions in bioethics, University-funded project, Principal Investigator.

(2014) Accommodation of migrant minorities: legal challenges, University-funded project, Principal Investigator.

2004-2006, PRIN (National funding program), “The Precautionary Principle” (research leader: Rome University La Sapienza), Participant.

2006-2007, EU “Specific Support Action”, Science and Society, “EduBioethics”. Medical Progress, Human Rights and Bioethical Education, Multicultural and Multireligious Environment, Participant.

Francesca Costanza holds an international Ph.D. in ‘Model Based Public Planning, Policy Design and Management’ at the University of Palermo (Italy), a MD in Business Economics and Administration and a Msc in Healthcare Management. She was guest PhD student at the universities of Bergen and Nijmegen and conducted a period of EU funded study and research at the Italian National Council of Research (ICT for Education). She is currently Adjunct Professor of ‘Business Groups & Consolidated Financial Statements’ and ‘Management & Budgeting for Public Administrations’ at LUMSA University (campus Palermo). Her research interests are the following: Entrepreneurship Education and Training, Public Management, Performance Management, Healthcare Management, System Dynamics, ICT for Education, Social Media Marketing, Third Sector Management.

Anna Minà is Associate Professor in Management at LUMSA. Research revolves around coopetition strategies, with a specific emphasis on its microfoundations, the reification and processes, fairness, and how the interplay of uncertainties shape coopetitive behaviors in alliances. A second field of research concerns the corporate social irresponsibility: antecedents, consequences and turnaround processes.

Letizia Coppo is lecturer in Comparative Law and Principles of European Civil Law at LUMSA University of Palermo, Law Department, and post-doctoral research fellow in private law at the University of Torino, Law Department. She had the chance to approach gender studies during her PhD in “Law, Individuals and Market”, when she attended the course “Negotiation and Mediation of conflicts” with one of the leading figures in the field of alternative dispute resolution and feminist legal theory, prof. Carrie Menkel-Meadow, who then became co-supervisor of her thesis. Since then, she is the authoress of a monograph (“Contract As a Tool for Getting-To-Yes: A Civil Law Perspective”), as well as of several articles and book chapters on various topics published in Italy and abroad. As a young scholar, she has been the speaker in various national and international conferences, she is the member of projects in Italy and abroad, and she is affiliate to the Italian Society of Civil Law Scholars (SISDIC) and the Association of Civil Law Doctorates (ADP). She is also junior executive editor of the Italian Law Journal and member of the editorial board of the review Tecnologie e diritto and of the publisher Ediciones Olejnik.

Carlo Petta is Adjunct Professor and Temporary Research Fellow in Business and Law at LUMSA. He has a PhD in civil law and for a long time he dealt with the topic of “intra-family torts” with publications in Italy and South America. More recently, he has published several papers on insurance law and, in particular, “claims made” clauses. He is attaining a specialization diploma at the Specialization School in Civil Law of the University of Camerino with a thesis on the insurance function in general. Furthermore, in 2016 he carried out a one-year curricular internship at the Italian Constitutional Court. Finally, until 2019 he was the coach of the LUMSA team participating in the Belgrade Pre-Moot.