Life Long Learning Platform (LLL) 

Description of the LAWGEM Intellectual Output – Life-Long Learning Platform (LLL):

The IT management of the Faculty of Law has the skills and the available technical capacities for creating this online platform.

The online LLL platform will enable full transparency, constant information availability, on-line empirical survey access, online evaluation of all events, especially of the multiplier events/conferences and the Publication. The LLL will enable using all relevant information on the Curriculum and the Legal Clinic. All syllabi and relevant texts, links, the textbook – the Publication which will be one of the intellectual outputs of this project – will be available online, on this platform. The LLL platform will be used for the pilot implementation of the Curriculum and the Legal Clinic as early as 2022. Concernig the formal learning – 10 students per each Consortium member will be collected in a group of 50 students in the academic year 2021/2022, that will experience the pilot implementation of this master`s study programme, and obtain Certificates after successfully completing the Pilot version of this study program. The Legal Clinic syllabus will be available online as well, and will be used both for the teaching aspect of the legal clinic on gender equality, and for analysing the referential case law from all Consortium members, as well as having a practical implementation in working with clients. The Moodle learning tool, which has been widely used at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, will also be used for the pilot Curriculum implementation and for the learning process regarding  the established Legal Clinic on gender equality.

The LLL platform will also be used for informal learning on gender equality, for a constant and wide range dissemination and promotion of gender equality, and for presenting examples of gender inequality in any area of life, in all Consortium members and wider. It will also be used for compiling information on events, publications, conferences, etc. related to gender issues, as well as for connecting with all networks gathered around the gender issues.

The LLL online platform will be used for introducing the Empirical Survey Tool, which can then be used by all other universities in order to analyse the current state of affairs  regarding the  gender (im)balance in their institutional designs, the quality of study programmes and textbooks from the gender perspective, and the value systems and “the hidden curriculum” among individual professors, their mutual relations and their relations with students (during the teaching process, exams, personal and professional communication, and from the point of pedagogic approaches).

The Empirical Survey Tool will be used for surveying the samples of 100 university teachers from 5 Consortium members, and the results of the final Comparative analysis will be announced at the LLL Platform. This final Report will offer indicators of the interconnection of different cultural and educational backgrounds, along with statements about gender issues from the interviewed professors. This Report will add the value to LLL platform.

Creating the online platform will promote and disseminate the LAW and GENDER curriculum, syllabi, textbooks, innovative pedagogical approach, seminars, conferences. In addition, it will promote informal gender sensitive education among legal professionals and social and public servants, NGO representatives, and the general public. It will also enhance the gender issue awareness through the above mentioned formal and informal education. This online platform will be created in English and will be useful and used in all Consortium members, and wider. It will, thus, by itself contribute to internationalisation and social inclusion.

The training for using the platform and modeling an interactive approach to working with students will be organised for the professors from all Consortium members .

The learning outcome of the LAWGEM LLL platform for professors – through all intellectual outputs, including the LLL platform, the professors will obtain all-encompassing insights into the complexity of gender issues, with the ability to apply a gender sensitive approach to legal knowledge, understanding, intepreting and implementing legal norms, and adjust their pedagogical approach. The learning outcome will thus not just remain at the level of knowledge production and teaching contents and methods, but also spread to their whole value system, overcoming the biases, prejudices and stereotypes, changing their personalities and social relations along the way. The LLL principles will be directly realized in their engagement with all intellectual outputs and the LLL platform.The learning outcome of the LAWGEM LLL platform for students – the LLL platform will provide an opportunity for the students enrolled in the Law and Gender master`s programme, along with all the other students of the consortium universities, to implement the principles of LLL learning, in both informal and formal education, and to move forwards in obtaining gender sensitive legal knowledge and reframing their whole mindset.