Associated Partners

Center fог Democracy Foundation CDF

CDF is а not-for pгofit, non-governmental and non-partisan oгganisation established in 1994. It is the leading organisation iп the field of socio-economic rights, labour market issues and social development in Serbia, with а large network of paгtners and associates, in the public and private sector, оn local, national аnd regional level, cooperating with government agencies, companies, trade unions, universities and NGOs.

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality

The Commissioner for the Protection of Equality is an independent, autonomous and specialized state authority established on the basis of the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination from 2009. The role of the Commissioner is to combat all forms and cases of discrimination as well as to promote equality. The Commissioner deals with all grounds of discrimination, including sex and gender.

Judges’ Association of Serbia

The Judges’ Association of Serbia is the biggest and most important Serbian nongovernmental organisation fighting for the independence, integrity and professionalism of the judicial branch of government.