Multiplier Event No. 4 at University of Belgrade, 30th June, 1st July 2022

Conference – Feminist Legacy in Legal Theory and Practice

Multiplier Event No.4  University of Belgrade
30 June – July 1, 2022
Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, Conference room

The conference is focused on the topics of the Textbook D. Vujadinović, M. Fröhlich, Th. Giegerich, Gender Competent Legal Knowledge, Springer, 2022, which has been one of the main intellectual outputs of the LAWGEM project and which will be presented by the external reviewers as well as by the LAWGEM team members. The round tables will however encompass also the wider context related to the most actual gender issues and with the participation of the prestigious key note speakers.

Technical Guidelines for all round tables – up to 15-20 minutes presentation, the rest of the time discussion


Thursday 30 June 2022

09:00  Welcome Coffee and Registration

09:10   Welcome by the Dean of the Faculty of Law University of Belgrade Prof. Dr. Zoran Mirković, the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality of Republic of Serbia Brankica Janković, the LAWGEM project Coordinator Prof. Dr. Dragica Vujadinović

09:30   Round Table I | Feminist Judgments
Moderator Prof. Dr. Ivana Krstić

  • Dr. Rosemary Hunter, University of Kent, keynote speech
  • ECtHR Judge Prof. Dr. Ivana Jelić, keynote speech
  • Brankica Janković, The Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Strategic Litigation
  • Discussion

12:00   Coffee break

12:15  Round Table II | Book Launch – Dissemination of the Textbook Gender Competent Legal Knowledge
Moderator Prof. Dr. Dragica Vujadinović     

  • Introduction to the aim, structure and the content of the Textbook (LAWGEM intellectual output No 4), by the editors – Prof. Dr. Dragica Vujadinović, Dr. Mareike Fröhlich
  • Presentation of the Textbook Gender Competent Legal Knowledge – Prof. Dr. Damir Banović and Dr. Cettina di Salvo
  • Presentation of the forthcoming 4 books within the series Gender Perspectives in Law (co-editors Dragica Vujadinović and Ivana Krstić) (LAWGEM added value)
  • Discussion

13:30  Lunch Break

14:30  Round Table III | Feminist Perspective on Gender – A General Context
Moderator Prof. Dr. Dragica Vujadinović

  • Marion Röwekamp, Feminist Legal History, keynote speech
  • Gender Perspective in Comparative Legal History, Doc. Dr. Nina Kršljanin
  • Feminist Political and Legal Theories, Dr. Antonio Alvarez del Cuvillo, Prof. Dr. Fabio Macioce (online),
  • Sociology of Law and Gender Equality, Zara Saeidzadeh (online), Assist. Valerija Dabetić
  • Feminist Methodologies and Gender Research, Dr. Zara Saeidzadeh (online)
  • Dr. Adrien Wing, Critical Race Feminism Theory in the 21st Century, keynote speech, (online)
  • Discussion

20.00   Dinner Restaurant Madera (supported by OSCE Mission to Serbia)

Friday 1 July 2022

9:30   Round Table IV | Women on the flee – women as refugees
Moderator Prof. Dr. Bojana Čučković

Does international law provide special protection to female refugees?  Human Rights of female refugees and also children?  New input for an EU framework for refugee and asylum, which is gender based; Is national public law and authorities equipped? Female and children refugees; Women and girls as victims

  • Human Rights Law – Gender Perspective, Tanasije Marinković (Recent European and International Case-Law on Islamic Veils), Marco Evola (The right to reproductive health of Ukrainian Women under the Temporary Protection Status)
  • International and EU Law and Gender Equality, Thomas Giegerich (online), Rigmor Argren (online), Ivana Krstić (Women Refugees in International Law)
  • Gender Competent Criminal Law, Prof. Dr. Susanne Strand (online), Assist. Prof. Ivana Marković (Genital mutilation as a form of Persecution)
  • Gender Perspective of Victimizaton, Crime and Penal Policy, Assist. Prof. Natalija Lukić, Prof. Dr. Bojana Čučković (Women and girls as victims of migrations)
  • Gender Aspects of Public Law, Prof. Dr. Marko Davinić (Gender Sensitive Asylum Procedure), Prof. Dr. Tanasije Marinković (Gender Sensitive Constitutional Law)
  • Discussion

11:45   Coffee Break

12:00  Round Table V | Economic Empowerement of Women
Moderators Prof. Dr. Mirjana Radović and Dr. Mareike Fröhlich

  • Gender Economics – Integrating Gender Equality in Economics and Management: Opportunities and Challenges, Prof. Nikola Ilić (Gender pay gap), Prof. Dr. Antonio Martuscelli (Economic Empowerement of Women)
  • Gender, Business, and the Law, Pof. Dr. Tatjana Jevremović Petrović (Female entrepreneurship, online), prof. Dr. Jelena Lepetić (Women in corporate boards).
  • Gender Equitable Taxation, Prof. Dr. Eleonor Kristoffersson (online), Prof. Dr. Teresa Ponton Aricha.
  • Discussion

13:45   Lunch Break

14:45  Round Table VI | Gender Perspective of Private Law and Public Policies (in the Time of Crises)
Moderators Prof. Dr. Fuensanta Rabadan and Prof. Dr. Branko Radulović

“New opportunities” or a setback to the “good old times”?; Legal Protection and initiatives; Home Office as a “new normal” and opportunity for both genders; Gender equality in digital work; Gender equality in labor in the conditions of multiple crisis

  • Dr. Rosemary Hunter, The Reproduction of Gender Difference and Heteronormativity in Family Law, keynote speech
  • Gender-Competent Family Law, Prof. Dr. Fuensanta Rabadan, Dr. Letizia Coppo
  • Gender Equality in Different Fields of Private Law, Dr. Gabriele Carapezza Figlia (law of contracts, online), professors Snežana Dabić i Katarina Dolović (Covid 19- and contract relations – a gender perspective)
  • Gender Perspective of Labor Law, Prof. Dr. Ljubinka Kovačević (Gender equality in the world of work in the conditions of multiple crisis)
  • Public Policies on Gender Equality, Prof. Dr. Branko Radulović (Gender sensitive public policies); Prof. Dr. Mirjana Drenovak (Environmental crisis and gender issue)
  • Discussion

17:45   Closing and Conclusions – Prof. Dr. Dragica Vujadinović

18.00   TPM 5 Board meeting

20:00     Dinner, Restaurant River (Reka)