Call for papers for the book Lj. Kovačević, M. Evola, D. Vujadinović (eds), Intersectional Discrimination of Women and Girls with Disabilities and Means of their Empowerment, Faculty of Law University of Belgrade, Belgrade, 2022.

University professors, researchers, students and all other colleagues interested in writing an academic paper concerned with gender-based discrimination as well as with a necessity of empowerment of persons with disabilities shall submit abstracts until October 30, 2021. Abstracts shall be submitted to prof. Ljubinka Kovacevic, at:


Abstract shall have a maximum length to 300 words, shall be written in English and will be subject to a refereeing process done by the Editorial Committee. The proposals must be accompanied with the name and email of the author/s and the contact details, country and the organization they belong to.

Editorial Committee will consist of: Prof. Dr. Dragica Vujadinović, Prof. Dr. Thomas Giegerich Prof. Dr. Marco Evola, Prof. Dr. Isabel Ribes Moreno, Prof. Dr. Susanne Strand, Dr Mareike Froehlich.

The acceptance of submitted abstracts will be announced until December 10, 2021.

Authors with approved abstracts should submit first drafts of papers until February 15, 2022. Editorial committee will make the selection and accept papers which fulfil academic writing quality standards.

The approval decisions of submitted first drafts will be announced until March 15, 2022.


Papers must be submitted until July 10, 2022. Any paper must correspond to a complete and original work not previously published, with up to 16 pages, including footnotes and list of references.  Papers can be submitted either in English or Serbian language, with title, abstract and keywords in English.

Papers must be submitted according to the following formal requirements:

Word template, font Times New Roman, size 12 (10 for footnotes), single space. A template will be sent.

The first footnote must detail the academic or professional title of the author(s) and the organization they belong to, if applicable.

The abstract is limited to 300 words and must be in English language.

Three keywords are mandatory.

Citation rules (as included in the template):  Author(s), Name of Book, edition (except in case of first editions), year published, page(s); or Author(s), “Name of Article”, Name of Collective Work or Magazine, volume or number (if applicable), year published and pages.

Papers submitted according to the formal rules set forth above shall be subject to review by the Editorial Committee.

By submitting their paper, the authors declare, on their word of honor, that the text submitted corresponds to an original work and has not been ever published before.

The book will be published either online or both as the e-book and hard copy version. Alternatively, the author gives his/her consent for uploading his/her paper at online lifelong learning platform of the scientific project `New Quality in Education for Gender Equality: Strategic Partnership for the Development of Master`s Study Program LAW AND GENDER – LAWGEM`, LLLP ( and website of the LAWGEM project (